Erica’s Platform:

A strong progressive voice is critically needed in today’s current political climate of regressive cuts and changes to education policy. The Ford Government is rapidly rolling back the gains made by the 2015 Health and Physical Education Curriculum. We need a vocal representative of inclusion to create safe spaces for all students; someone who has a solid understanding of the board who can hit the ground running and help people navigate the system.


Improving our consultation process and working effectively with municipal and provincial counterparts are crucial  to move the needs of Zone 10 forward. Too often decisions are being made on arbitrarily tight timelines, lacking vital collaboration from stakeholders.


New ideas and a variety of voices are critical to a thriving educational system. Student voice and Indigenous voice should be amplified by trustees, incorporating the perspectives and engagement of those directly affected by education policy--our students. Despite the loss of funding, lowering the board’s carbon footprint is essential, to maintain a green vision for the future.

The funding formula is broken.  Parents should not need to continually fundraise to bring extra dollars into the system making some schools have more funds than others. There must be budget equality across all schools, to give students the same activities and learning opportunities. We must reframe the idea that we "overspend" in the Special Education Envelope. It is drastically underfunded. We need to invest in our system. Reforming the budget process to be dealt with in its entirety, rather than in two parts is essential, in order to create a cohesive and effective plan for our children’s education.